This can arise if the flour is compressed, or comes in contact with any moisture or water. Here’s what you can do to clean the flour slot and tunnel:

  1. Remove the flour container from the flour slot.

  2. Use a dry cloth or tissue to remove any flour clog in the dispensing tunnel.

  3. Use the Magic Brush to clean any flour residue that drops down from the dispensing tunnel to the kneading area.

  4. Ensure that the flour slot and flour dispensing tunnel are completely dry, then re-insert the flour container into the flour slot and resume operation.

Here are the detailed instructions:

If the issue persists,

  1. Empty the flour container.

  2. Disassemble the flour container to clean thoroughly.

    • Hold the top in one hand and the bottom in the other hand.

    • Turn the flour container counter-clockwise to separate the top and bottom parts.

    • Remove the white ring from the bottom.

    • Hold the top of the container in your right hand, pinch the 3 tabs of the white flour dispensing blade, and push them inside to remove the flour dispensing blade from the container as shown below.

  1. Dry wipe the flour container. Do not wash.

  2. Ensure that the flour container is completely dry. Refill flour and resume operation.

If you still see the same error message, please contact us via Live Chat on the Rotimatic™ mobile app.