Check the label at the back of your Rotimatic™ for the unique serial number below the barcode. Your Rotimatic™ Wi-Fi name is RT <last 8 digits of the Rotimatic™ serial number>

When your Rotimatic™ is in Wi-Fi mode (showing the “Ready to connect” screen), you can see your Rotimatic™ Wi-Fi name in the Wi-Fi setting screen on your phone.

To turn on the Rotimatic™ Wi-Fi mode:

  1. Power on your Rotimatic™ and let it start up.

  2. Tap the power button again.

  3. Select “Wi-Fi” option from the “Do you want to power off?” screen.

  4. Press “Ok” in the “Hello” screen.

  5. Press “Ok” in the “Download Rotimatic App” screen.

  6. Make sure your Rotimatic™ shows the “Ready to Connect” screen.